Educational activities

Among the activities that we carry out throughout the year there are the educational activities organized in collaboration with schools, starting from nursery schools up to high schools or colleges. During these days, we show the kids our job, from the cheesemaking (with an active workshop for the boys involved in the production of cheese), the annual cycle of cattle breeding, which involves the collection of manure, fertilization of meadows and subsequent haymaking.

But this kind of activity is also open to adults: with a phone call you can arrange cheesemaking workshops followed by a rich meal.


There are also some fixed appointments during the year to which we invite ourclients  to participate.


Summer camp

Every year we organize a summer camp for children between 8 and 14 years. In this week (usually organized in late July) the boys remain at the agriturism on mountains for a week, in which we try to make them rediscover and remember the kind of life that they may have tasted with their grandparents.

Every day there are activities to be undertaken, including  hay cut, milk the goats and harvest the fruits of the season, but there are also lots of leisure afternoons, during which kids can  explore the surrounding forest and take long walks with us.

Celebration of the summer solstice

Every year, the last weekend of June, we celebrate the beginning of the summer season with folk music and songs. Musicians in the area reach us on Saturday afternoon and from that moment the violins, flutes, trumpets and laughter fill the meadows and woods that surround us. In the evening, the outdoor dining (weather permitting) and then again music and party until late at night. The party then continues on Sunday, although the atmosphere of a summer night is almost unequaled.

Celebration of Prati Parini's anniversary

A month after the feast of the summer solstice, we celebrate a personal event  we would like to share with you, the anniversary of the opening of the agriturism.

Accompanied in this case by one of our loyal customers, "Vasco Bergamasco" dj offers  karaoke night and cheer.