Our products

Most of our products are made in the village od Sedrina, where we lead our farm.

From breed of cows we process  cattle meat and high quality milk. We transform the milk  into 3 types of cheese: a soft cheese, which recently became slow food as "Stracchino all'antica delle Valli Orobiche" the "formagella", which is a fresh cheese with a pleasant taste, and the cheese of Prati Parini, a cheese made with the same process of "formai de mut", seasoned and with an intense flavor. These cheeses, milk, cream, beef, salami products from breeding of pigs, fruits and vegetables are the products we offer to our costumers in our menu.

If you prefer it's also possible to buy our cheeses at the  farm in Sedrina,  in via ca' chinaglio No. 8,  daily open, or by meeting us the many markets in which we take part.